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November 16, 2014

I had an unanswered question about the Phase II project that, as of today, appears to have been answered. Back in March this year, a master file for "The Holiest Thing" episode was given to mirror sites for transcoding - to be released as episode 9. But just as quickly, it was pulled ... awaiting fixes to problems. Those fixes never came. And then in May, after months of disrepair, the Phase II forum area (my only source of project info) went down.

Since May, visitors to the forum area only saw this graphic:

But recently, that changed. Click on the graphic above - a link to the forum address. You're immediately autoforwarded to the Phase II homepage. And on the homepage, there is no forum link. However, you will see a link to Facebook.

February 22, 2015 UPDATE !!!

I'm not sure how long ago this was changed. But now, clicking on the forum link autoforwards people to the German Phase II site. That site does have a "forum" button-link. But if you click on it, this is what you see:

Our Web Forum is currently offline, but will be coming back on a different and more stable platform. We expect it to go back online in August 2014.

Until then, you can still discuss Phase II here and on our Facebook pages.

I'm uncertain what they mean by "discuss Phase II here" since I saw no functioning local forum. And August 2014 came and went 6 months ago.

For a long time, the project has known that I (and others) have no official presence on any social media site - including Facebook. I can't speak for others. But in my case, I refuse to "join" any site that uses my personal information for profit and puts my privacy in jeopardy. Social media sites are "businesses," not "friends." To those who say, "everybody else is doing it," well (grin) everybody else can drink their own poison. Count me out.

It's almost as if the project has given me an implied ultimatim to voluntarily put my privacy rights at risk or be out-of-the-loop for project information. I don't like ultimatims - implied or otherwise. So, I guess I'll just be out-of-the-loop.

Effective immediately, my mirror site will remain as you see it now. And, this won't change until a working forum that doesn't require social media membership - but keeps me in-the-loop - appears. Between you and me, I'm not holding my breath.

It was a good 8-year run as a mirror site. But perhaps all good things come to an end.

P.S. What I've just said should NOT be construed as a negative opinion of the Phase II project itself. It's just a negative opinion of the willingness of the project to keep ALL fans (including those who don't "do" social media) in-the-loop of information about the project - and allow for their input and discussion of the project in a public forum. I sincerely hope that the project itself continues to thrive. I supported the last Kickstarter fund-raising drive and will likely support future drives - if (ahem) I know about them.

J. Alec West

Nostalgic about the Phase II forum? Click HERE to see what it looked like on March 28, 2014. Internal links may or may not function.

OK, now for the episode & vignette files. I'd like to thank the Academic Computer Club at Umeň University in Sweden. They have "mirrored my media files" completely. Keep in mind that the streaming RAM files no longer function. The links below are to episodes/vignettes in reverse chronological order (by release date) located on their FTP server:

Episode 408 - Kitumba

Vignette 4V3 - Going Boldly

Episode 407 - The Child

Vignette 4V2 - No Win Scenario

Episode 406 - Enemy: Starfleet

Episode 405 - Blood & Fire, Part 2

Episode 404 - Blood & Fire, Part 1

Episode 403 - World Enough & Time

Episode 402 - To Serve All My Days

Vignette 4V1 - Center Seat

Episode 401 - In Harm's Way

Episode 400 (pilot) - Come What May

You may also download files from the following mirrors - or stream them on YouTube:

Phase II Torrent Server

Phase II Deutschland (Germany)

Gordon Watts, Mirror 1 (U.S.A.)

Gordon Watts, Mirror 2 (U.S.A.)

Trekminal Mirror (Spain)

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